Anxiety remedies for getting back to normal

If you’re looking for anxiety remedies to help you deal with the issues many of us are facing as we re-enter social life, here are our five favourites.

After almost two years of being mostly confined to our homes, it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling anxious about readjusting to ‘normal’ life.

In this article, we discuss the reasons for your worry and share five anxiety remedies to help you get back to the new normal.

You’re not alone

The first thing to remember if you’re feeling anxious is that you’re not the only one! Last year, Anxiety UK reported that whilst many were looking forward to restrictions ending, 36% said they would be happy to continue staying at home.

A report by University College London showed that the most common anxieties include worries over rising Covid levels, unemployment and recession and others not adhering to social distancing rules.

It’s OK to miss lockdown

It’s also OK to feel nostalgic over certain aspects of lockdown. Many of us found we enjoyed the gentler pace of life without daily stresses like long commutes and packed schedules.

If there are aspects of lockdown you’ve loved, why not try and incorporate them into your ‘normal routine’ as that resumes?

If you’ve enjoyed working from home, talk to your company about having at least some work from home days, and if a daily walk has been part of your lockdown routine, see if there is a way to keep that going.

Change and anxiety

Change is one of the most common fears that most of us face, so it’s completely normal to feel anxious during periods of uncertainty.

Coping with change is often particularly challenging for those with anxiety. If you know that you are going to find the next few months challenging, here are our top five tips on how to manage anxiety as we go back to a life without restrictions:

Go at your own pace

The most important point to make is that the government’s plan doesn’t have to be your plan. Just because you can meet friends and family doesn’t mean you have to rush to do so.

If you need a little more time to ease out of your lockdown cocoon, that’s perfectly understandable. Perhaps you could set your own targets for getting out and start with just seeing one or two people you trust, rather than a whole gaggle?

Talk to people you trust

As the age-old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you’re feeling anxious, talk to friends and family about it.

The chances are, at least some of them will be feeling the same way. Plus, showing solidarity might actually help them too!

Arm yourself with trustworthy information

There’s a lot of rumour and speculation swirling around at the moment. If you find yourself being drawn into engaging with unsettling news, steer clear to protect your mental health.

Find a reliable news outlet and trust what you read there. Simple Politics is a fantastic account on Instagram which breaks down the news into easy-to-digest chunks.

Look after your wellbeing

As we come out of lockdown, looking after your wellbeing is more important than ever. Focus on eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and finding time to exercise.

As you probably know, exercise can play a significant role in reducing anxiety. This is because feel-good endorphins are released during exercise. Plus, it takes your mind off worries, helping you break out of negative thought cycles.

Consider herbal remedies for anxiety

HRI Good Mood™ contains extract from the natural herb St John’s Wort herb, and is one of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety and mild depression.

However you decide to resume life, use these natural remedies for anxiety to help calm your worries and help you to get ready to make the most of the freedoms we’ve all missed so much.

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