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7 foods for a clear complexion

Having a clear complexion makes us look and feel healthy and radiant. Whatever your age – spots, pimples and dry or oily patches can all combine to make us feel less confident about how we face the world.

Chronic inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne can be particularly challenging to deal with and can have a significant impact on our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Eczema and acne are often treated with heavy-duty steroid creams and antibiotics which come with a long list of their own potential side effects. These treatments can have their place, but it’s important not to overlook more natural ways of supporting a fresh and clear complexion.

What we put into our bodies can have a significant effect on the condition of our skin all year round.

The connection between what we eat and the health and appearance of our skin has long been established by scientists and dieticians.

The ‘beauty from within’ movement is growing. In February 2019, Harpers Bazaar said that one of the key beauty trends this year is “360-degree beauty”, with more and more of us focusing as much on what we put in our bodies as on them.

To help your skin radiate good health, it is worth trying to include these seven nutrient-packed foods in your diet.

1. Oily Fish

Salmon, mackerel and herring are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to keeping your skin looking healthy. They are also a great source of Vitamin E which helps protect your skin against damage from free-radicals and helps to keep your skin feeling moisturised and supple.

2. Avocados

Avocados are rich in healthy fats and contain both Vitamin E and Vitamin C which combine to help protect your skin from damaging free-radicals, as well as promoting the production of collagen and acting as an antioxidant.

3. Sweet Potatoes

These delicious veggies are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which has many benefits including helping protect your skin from damage caused by the sun.

4. Broccoli

Eating your greens is good for you in so many ways!  This particular green is a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and carotenoids that all support skin health. Those tiny trees of goodness also contain sulforaphane, which can help to protect your skin from sunburn.

5. Dark Chocolate

If you were looking for a reason to enjoy chocolate regularly, you may just have found the perfect one!  Dark chocolate is made using cocoa which contains antioxidants that may protect your skin against sunburn. Eating a little bit of dark chocolate could also improve wrinkles, skin plumpness , hydration, blood flow and the overall texture of your skin. However, stay away from treats that contain milk chocolate, as the fats and oils it contain could help to contribute to breakouts.

6. Green Tea

It is thought that compounds called “catechins” found in green tea can help to protect your skin against sun damage. These powerful antioxidants are also believed to help reduce redness, improve hydration and increase the elasticity of the skin.

7. Chia Seeds

High in Omega-3 fatty acids, these tiny seeds add a yummy crunch to your salad, and more importantly can help maintain cell membranes in the epidermis by protecting the skin and providing it with moisture.

Herbal remedies to make your skin glow

You can boost the skin-radiating effects of eating a variety of natural foods by adding an easy-to-take THR-certified herbal medicine to your daily routine.

HRI Clear Complexion tablets combine the natural, active herbal extracts of Blue Flag and Burdock Root to target spots and acne. It can also be taken to relieve skin conditions such as blemishes, mild acne and  eczema, based on traditional use.

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Image Danielle Macinnes on Unsplash

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