About HRI

HRI Herbal Medicine is a UK based, family-run company founded in 1978 by Terry and Patricia Gallagher and has a product history dating back to the early sixties.

Our innovative range of natural, herbal medicines and supplements is designed to empower people to manage their everyday health. 

We help people live their healthiest life with herbal medicine products that can be as effective as prescription medication, but using natural ingredients which are kinder the body, such as St John’s Wort.

HRI Herbal Medicine is now run by two of Terry and Patricia’s daughters, Brigitte Flower and Charlotte Gallagher, who continue their parents’ work of researching and developing unique product formulations which utilise the most powerful herb, root and leaf extracts to create products which meet the needs of modern life.

HRI Herbal Medicine products have government Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) recognition, meaning they are held to the highest standards of quality and safety in Europe. And all our herbs are sourced from the highest quality producers and manufactured in the UK under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

HRI Herbal Medicine is a trademark of Jessup Health, the UK’s sole supplier of HRI branded herbal medicines.

We personally respond to every email, phone call or letter so if you get in touch, you will hear back directly from one of our team.

Our mission

Our products work to prevent everyday health issues, as well as dealing with a range of problems

such as skin conditions, bloating, colds, liver function, hangovers and low mood or anxiety.

Human physiology has evolved in sync with the nutrients and biochemicals provided by plants.

They have the power to enhance our mood, boost energy, relax us and to act as a potent healing force for our bodies.

And they have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.

Meet the family

Brigitte Flower, MA, PGCE – Partner

Favourite health tip:

Echinacea is my winter hero. I take it all through the winter to prevent colds and flu; whenever I feel a cold coming on, I take a double dose and get to bed early.

I used to get ill a lot over Christmas, but taking echinacea, and making some changes to my lifestyle (less stress, more sleep and healthy winter veg) has meant I now have more energy and can enjoy the festive period.

Charlotte Gallagher, BA – Partner

Favourite health tip:

Yoga and Acro yoga! I used to work out at the gym or do high energy fitness classes, but I gave all this up after discovering yoga. It gives you great body tone and flexibility but has also made me feel happier and less stressed. Acro has become my new favourite type of yoga.

It’s a more social style where you work in a partnership and create beautiful shapes and flows together (with a few falls and laughs in between).

Danielle Lennon – Office Manager

Favourite health tip: 

I started at HRI Herbal Medicine in 2018 and previously hadn’t tried any of their products. I have suffered for many years with acne prone skin and have consistently had to take antibiotics.

Upon learning about HRI Clear Complexion I decided it would be worth a go to see if it improved. One month on and I was able to come off the antibiotics! I’ve continued to take Clear Complexion ever since. I do periodically have to revert back to the antibiotics, but it is maybe twice a year rather than constantly.

Patricia Gallagher, BA – Founder

Favourite health tip: 

Over the years I have found Arnica very useful as I bruise really easily. I use Arnica cream as soon as possible on the affected area to help bruises heal quickly. 

When my daughters had their wisdom teeth removed, I gave them Arnica tissue salts before and after their surgery and they avoided getting any of the nasty swelling you can get after this operation.

Terry Gallagher – Founder

Board member of the BHMA (British Herbal Medicine Association)

Favourite health tip: 

Following a diagnosis of raised cholesterol, my doctor prescribed statins. ‘No thank you’, I said!  Our family herbalist explained that statins, like a quarter of all pharmaceutical drugs, are derived from a herb.

She explained that statins contain a chemical that’s identical to the active ingredient in Red Yeast Rice, which I thought was rather an odd name, but having regularly taken two doses a day, my cholesterol has now been normal for many years without side effects.