Water Retention

The body cleverly balances fluid levels through a complex system involving hormones, the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as the kidney, liver and urinary systems all playing a part. If any one of these stops working properly, fluid retention, also known as edema can occur.

Signs of water retention are commonly noticed in the abdomen, ankles, feet and hands and this bloating can cause discomfort and an increase in water weight within the body.

These symptoms are more likely to occur in the hot summer months, during prolonged periods of inactivity, such as a long hall flight, or around your period. And it’s the last thing you need when you are about to hit the beach in your bikini!

HRI Water Balance is a unique formulation of Dandelion root, Buchu and Uva-Ursi herbs which work in synergy to expel excess fluid from the body. The tablets work quickly, helping to reduce the uncomfortable bloat and excess water weight. It is however important to stay hydrated when taking these tablets by drinking around 2 litres of water daily.

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