Flowers used in herbal medicine

BBC ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ on UK herbal medicines

In July 2015, the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, a consumer health programme, compared the quality of herbal medicines available in the UK.

The study on herbal medicines in the UK, conducted in partnership with UCL, revealed worrying results from a consumer perspective with many unlicensed products failing to show any trace of the herb which they claimed to contain.

However, products which carried a THR – the Traditional Herbal Registration accreditation – were all shown to contain the herbs they claimed and at levels which would have an effect.

All HRI Herbal Medicines have a THR and you can find the logo on the packaging. We consistently strive to produce quality products which meet all the standards set by the MHRA (the UK’s governing body for medicines and healthcare products), including adhering to the THR scheme.

You can view the segment on herbal medicines from Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, here.

Image by Sven on Unsplash

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