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How diet can help with mild acne and eczema

No matter how old or young we are, we want our skin to look as clear and healthy as possible as we all know that when we look good, we feel better too. If you already worry about your complexion, seeing images on social media that highlight spots or seem to focus in on skin problems such as mild acne and eczema can really knock your confidence and leave you feeling low.

Skin conditions are caused by a range of different factors including genetics, hormones, skin hygiene, diet or sometimes medications, but it can be very difficult to find out what the root causes of the problems are, making it hard to find the right remedy to help.

Treatments recommended by doctors often involve chemicals or medications such as Benzoyl peroxide or steroids which can be very harsh on your skin and leave it feeling sore and irritated. But before you resort to these types of treatment, it is worth trying natural eczema treatments and natural remedies for acne that can help your skin from within – any many of them are already right there in your kitchen.

Skin conditions like eczema and acne can be highly influenced by what we eat. We know that certain foods can worsen and trigger flare-ups. Foods high in sugar and salt can trigger outbreaks of spots and allergies to cow’s milk and eggs are associated with causing eczema to break-out.

Changing your diet to ease mild acne and eczema

Although it’s not always possible to solve skin conditions such as mild acne with what you eat alone, having a healthy, balanced diet will give you the best foundation to begin to treat and manage chronic skin conditions.

Some foods are known for their healthy-skin boosting properties. Here’s a list of our favourite skin-friendly foods that can help to brighten even the dullest complexion:

Oily fish

Eating oily fish like salmon and sardines two to three times a week can help your complexion as they contain high levels of omega-3, a natural anti-inflammatory that can help to calm irritated skin.

Probiotic yoghurts and drinks

You can support your immune system by taking a healthy dose of probiotics every day in foods such as yoghurt, soft cheeses and some naturally fermented pickles. Often known as ‘friendly bacteria’, probiotics are thought to restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut and thus improve health, particularly after an illness.


Loaded with healthy fats, vitamin C and vitamin E, avocados are a skincare favourite. As well as being delicious in salads or mashed on toast, they make a great ingredient for a natural face-mask to help to soothe tired or stressed skin.


It’s may not be everyone’s favourite vegetable but with its high levels of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A, this friendly green veg is a great way to get all those vitamins and minerals that are so good for your skin.


Yes, chocolate! Well, dark chocolate to be more specific. Choose chocolate with at least 70% cocoa and enjoy the benefits of its high levels of antioxidants which helps to fight the negative effects of pollution on your skin. While cocoa is great, do try to avoid milk chocolate or drinking chocolate as they could make your skin complaint worse

Sunflowers seeds

Sunflower seeds make a great snack or a tasty garnish on a salad. They are packed with vitamin E which helps to heal the skin and reduce the risk of scarring from acne or eczema. Sunflower seeds also contain fatty acids, which are associated with forming collagen, improving the elasticity of your skin and helping to remove any unwelcome wrinkles.

As part of your skin-friendly diet, you need to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and to ensure your body flushes out impurities efficiently, giving your skin the best chance of looking fresh and healthy.

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