Colds and Flu

Having a strong immune system is key to fighting off colds and flu, however the cells which form our immune system need energy to function, and when our bodies are running low on battery, our defences can be weakened and we become more vulnerable to infection.

Help is at hand with two products designed to either be taken daily to support a healthy immune system, or to shorten the duration of cold and flu when they strike.

HRI Cold and Flu Echinacea contains a therapeutic amount of Echinacea, which has been used for centuries in the prevention and treatment of the common cold, flu and other upper respiratory tract infections.

HRI Coldcare is the only UK government registered THR product to combine a herbal medicine (Echinacea) with vitamins and minerals (vitamin C and zinc) for triple the immune support.

Here are some useful articles to help you fight colds and flu.