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How to get a clear complexion during menopause

There’s lots of advice out there about managing menopausal symptoms, but one aspect that isn’t written about as much is how to get a clear complexion during menopause. Charlotte Gallagher looks at some of the ways you can tackle skin problems during this time of life.

We’re all familiar with the everyday symptoms of the menopause such as water retention, mood changes and hot flushes – but one of the greatest impacts of this natural part of ageing which is discussed less often is how it affects your skin.

Looking after your complexion becomes more important than ever during and after the menopause. The right skincare routine can go a long way towards helping you get a clear complexion and alleviating the skin problems caused by the hormonal changes that menopause brings.

What happens to your skin during menopause?

As we age, levels of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in our skin fall dramatically, making it harder to get a clear complexion. During the menopause, skin thins rapidly, losing its tone, elasticity, and ability to hold moisture. As a result, you may notice your skin becomes dry, rough, flaky, and itchy. You may see more sagging and feel as though you’ve lost your glow.

On the flip side, for some women, changing hormone levels can also lead to the skin becoming more oily or prone to acne. Skincare experts believe this is due to an imbalance in hormones: levels of the female hormone, oestrogen, rapidly decline during the menopause, whereas the male hormone, androgen, declines more slowly, all of which affect your compexion.

How to get a clear complexion in the menopause

First things first, it’s important to highlight that it’s normal and natural for your skin to change in texture and appearance as you grow older. Ageing can’t be stopped and embracing the process is by far the best advice we can give.

But if your skin is causing you discomfort or is affecting your confidence, adjusting your skincare routine to be more appropriate to your changing hormones could help you rediscover a clear complexion during your menopause. 

Here are some tips for an effective menopausal skincare regime:

Don’t be distracted by packaging

In general, when it comes to skincare during menopause, it pays to focus on ingredients rather than branding or fancy packaging. In recent years, there has been a shift within the skincare industry towards being open and transparent about the active ingredients in our skincare products. 

Here are some of the ingredients to look out for – and what to avoid – when choosing skincare products that will support your complexion during the menopause: 


Peptides are the building blocks of proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin and can be particularly beneficial in helping to improve your complexion during menopause. They stimulate cell turnover helping to create fresh, new, healthy skin and promote a smoothing, plumping and firming effect.

When choosing a product containing peptides, opt for something that you leave on such as an eye cream, serum, or moisturising cream. Products like cleansers and masks that you rinse off don’t stay on long enough to penetrate the skin and have any real benefit.

Hyaluronic acid for menopausal skin

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in many of the body’s connective tissues. It’s responsible for giving your skin that plump, hydrated look that are the hallmarks of a clear complexion. As we age, levels of hyaluronic acid fall, making us more susceptible to sagging and wrinkles.

You’ll usually find hyaluronic acid as one of the main active ingredients in products like serums and moisturising lotions.


Soap is an ingredient you’ll want to avoid if you want to look after your skin and improve your complexion during the menopause. When choosing a cleanser, look for adjectives like ‘mild’ and ‘hydrating’, or one that’s designed for sensitive skin. Soaps can be drying and products that contain high levels of soap are likely to aggravate dryness and inflame your skin.

What products do I need for a clear complexion during menopause?

It’s easy to get carried away with skincare products, but the basis of a good skincare regime should centre around four key components, coupled with taking care of your skin from within with a healthy diet and natural products:

1) A gentle cleanser

A cleanser is designed to clean your skin by washing away makeup, dead skin cells, pollutants and excess oil to give you a clean and clear complexion. 

2) A serum

Serums are concentrated mixes of active ingredients formulated to address specific skin concerns. During and after the menopause, look out for serums containing antioxidants, to support your skin

3) SPF protection for mature skin

As the skin thins, it becomes much more susceptible to sun damage, so a good quality sunscreen is non-negotiable during menopause. An SPF of at least 30 should be part of your morning skincare routine – yes, every day.

4) An overnight moisturiser

A night cream or overnight moisturiser can help to calm and soothe your skin, banishing any redness or irritation. Even if you’re suffering from breakouts, don’t skip this step – your skin needs moisture more than ever during the menopause.

Take it slow

It can be tempting to throw yourself headfirst into a new skincare routine, but the best approach is to slowly build new products into your routine rather than introducing multiple new products all at once. Swapping products in and out one by one also ensures you can measure the effectiveness of each product and see which ones work best to help improve your complexion during the menopause.

Don’t forget the skin on your body

Skincare is generally focused on the face, but changes to your during the menopause affect other parts of your body too. During and after the menopause, you may find you have to step up your game when it comes to moisturising the rest of your body too. You’ll want to pay particular attention to your chest and neck, as well as your hands, knees and elbows.

HRI Clear Complexion

HRI Clear Complexion™ is a herbal medicine that helps support a healthy complexion from the inside at all times of your life.

It contains active extracts of Burdock Root and Blue Flag rhizome to reduce inflammation. Many people have found that two or three easy-to-swallow tablets each day have a dramatic impact on improving their skin during the menopause, helping to reduce sin problems such as spots, blemishes and mild eczema.

HRI Clear Complexion™ has been adopted by many menopausal women as part of their long-term daily healthcare routine and could be a powerful component in your skincare arsenal.

Why not try these simple steps to keep your skin stays healthy and improve your complexion – whatever else going through the  menopause throws at you!

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