lemon water to help with water retention

Three natural ways to get rid of water retention

If you are experiencing water retention you are probably dealing with undesirable symptoms such as a bloated stomach and swollen ankles. It’s annoying! Here are some ideas of how to get rid of water retention naturally.

These can be caused by factors that can range from premenstrual syndrome or a long-haul flight, through to more serious illnesses.

If you are concerned about fluid retention, please visit your GP for expert advice first.  But if your water retention is mild or temporary, then you may choose to self-treat your symptoms. 

Here are some ideas on how you can relieve water retention:

Drink plenty of fluids to get rid of water retention

It may sound strange to increase your fluid intake to alleviate water retention, but it can be caused by mild dehydration, causing your body to hold onto water longer than it should.  Upping your fluid intake will help your body flush through toxins and stimulate your system to release some of the fluid it is retaining.

Massage and exercise

Lymphatic drainage massage and exercises help your body get rid of excess water, toxins and metabolic waste.  The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart to help it move lymphatic fluid around but instead relies on muscular movement. Rotate your ankles clockwise and then anti-clockwise a few times a day to get things moving and draining more effectively.  You might also want to invest in a regular lymphatic drainage massage by a qualified massage therapist to help keep your water retention under control. 

Natural water retention remedy

Our herbal medicine, HRI Water Balance™ has been formulated using herbs known for their diuretic properties. Dandelion leaves and roots have been used for centuries to help the body get rid of excess fluid. In fact, in France Dandelion is called ‘Pis-en-lit’ almost literally translated as ‘wet the bed’ due to their diuretic qualities.

Happily, by trying a course of traditional herbal medicine such as HRI Water Balance, you could help relieve the symptoms of water retention without the worry of having any nasty accidents at night!

HRI Water Balance is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve symptoms of mild water retention, based on traditional use only. Water retention occurs when the body stores some water instead of passing it out naturally through urine and sweat.

So if you are experiencing the discomfort of mild bloating and swollen ankles, why not increase your water intake, giving your lymphatic system a workout and try a course of HRI Water Balance™?  You’ll be helping to relieve your symptoms the natural way.