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Five Tips for a Naturally Healthy Festive Season

As experts in herbal medicine, and a leading producer of herbal remedies in the UK, we love that our products help people stay naturally healthy and manage their everyday health and wellness without using pharmaceutical drugs.

In addition to using our herbal medicines to boost our own health, we also use the power of nature to look after our own immune systems, mental health and skin – especially at this time of year.

During the winter months, our minds and bodies are under constant attack, so it’s vital to make sure we take steps to stay well so we can enjoy this magical time of year to the full. 

Herbal medicine to stay naturally healthy

Our whole team prefers to avoid prescription drugs and harsh chemicals wherever we can to stay naturally healthy. 

My sister Charlotte and I have been living this way and using herbal medicines our whole lives. Our parents, Terry and Patricia, founded HRI Herbal Medicine in 1978 and are living proof of how a natural lifestyle can help keep you fit and happy through the decades!

So I thought it would be helpful to share just what our team does to stay well, ease anxiety and keep our immune systems strong over these dark and chilly months!

Boosting health naturally with warm, nourishing foods

For me, the changing seasons bring an opportunity for a change in routine. 

Staying well over the winter period means responding to my body and mind’s natural desire to retreat and rest.

This means I eat more warm, nourishing foods, prioritise sleep, and take long walks to witness the changes in nature.

Releasing endorphins for a mood boost

My sister Charlotte loves yoga. She told me, “In winter, when energy levels tend to be lower and we crave more time in bed, I like to ensure that I exercise in some way most

 days to get my heart rate up and increase the oxygen circulation in my body.   

“This raises my energy levels and releases endorphins for a mood boost.”

“The exercises I tend to do are different from summer, focusing on walks in my local park and flowing yoga classes. I also love doing Yin Yoga to help me feel sleepy before bedtime.”

Keeping your immune system strong

Danielle joined us in 2018 and is now a firm fan of using nature and natural products to protect and enhance her health naturally.

She told me, “In winter I take Vitamin D, in line with government recommendations, to try and keep my immune system strong.

“I open the windows upstairs during the day to let in as much fresh air as possible to keep germs at bay.”

Boosting natural defences with vitamin C

My Mum, Patricia, is a great lover of the outdoors to ensure she stays fit and naturally healthy through the busy festive season and chooses natural foods wherever possible.

She told me, “As winter approaches I feel the need to eat plenty of oranges and clementines, both rich in Vitamin C, and they are always best at this time of year. 

“I love this season, with its myriad of colours and the last of the leaves, and take long walks to enhance my enjoyment and relax the mind.”

Relaxing the mind and body

My Dad, Terry, has spent most of his career working in the herbal medicine and natural products industry and is a board member of the British Herbal Medicine Association, in addition to his work at HRI Herbal Medicine. 

His top tip to staying well in the winter months is to introduce something new into your life, such as meditation. 

Here’s how he explains its benefits: “For only 10 minutes per day, sit quietly away from people, close your eyes and slowly take a deep breath in for a count of 4 seconds. Hold it for 7 seconds and then exhale noisily for 8 seconds (4-7-8 breath counts). Repeat up to 25 times. The difficult part is trying to empty your mind during the process, so I try to imagine I am going to sleep to help me meditate.

“This relaxes the mind and body, helping repair the immune system.”

Choose your herbal medicines to stay naturally healthy safely

If you do choose to take herbal medicines to help you protect your health and wellness naturally, it’s essential to make sure you choose herbal remedies that are approved under the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) Scheme. 

The THR logo on the pack shows you that the products have gone through a rigorous application process with the government’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), so that you know that the natural herbal medicines you choose are safe, stable and of pharmaceutical quality. 

Our licensed products work with the body’s natural defence systems to help deal with a range of problems including skin conditions, bloating from water retention, colds and flu, digestion, hangovers and liver function and low mood or anxiety.

You can find out more about the THR scheme in my article here. 

So whether you want to reduce anxiety, fight colds and flu, get rid of water retention, achieve a clear complexion or look after your liver this winter, we have products that can help.

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