Quality and safety

Assurance through the THR scheme

THR logo - safety in herbal medicinesHerbal medicines are used by a quarter of adults in the UK and more than half of us take vitamins and supplements. The range of products are vast, vary dramatically in price and in levels of active ingredients, so how do you know which are efficacious, safe and using quality extracts?

In herbal medicine, a breakthrough government regulation scheme was introduced in 2011 – the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) Scheme. It is a regulatory approval process for herbal remedies in the EU and means that:

      1. The product has gone through a rigorous application process with the government’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which requires the submission and approval of a wide range of evidence to indicate the safety and quality of the product.
      2. Products are of pharmaceutical quality and manufactured to European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines.
      3. Products which have been granted THR status will include the THR logo on their packaging, indicating that they have been registered with the MHRA for quality and safety standards.

Reassuringly, this registration scheme has meant that hundreds of potentially dangerous products have been banned from sale.

In the vitamin and supplements category this is harder to do as it’s an unregulated industry. A good place to start would be to compare the amount of active ingredients on the back of packs to ensure the higher or right levels for you are present within the active ingredients.

Watch this video from the BHMA (The British Herbal Medicine Association) to help you identify safe, high-quality herbal medicines:

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