Blue flag flowers

Try Blue Flag for natural skincare

Blue Flag – or Iris Versicolor L to give it its Latin name – is a pretty purplish-blue flower that is native to Eastern North America and is used in traditional natural skincare to help get rid of spots.

Blue Flag is part of the Iris family, a genus that gets its name from the Greek winged goddess of the rainbow. Its flat blade leaf and beautiful architectural flower were the model for the French fleur-de-lis that was historically the emblem of French Royalty.

It is also sometimes known in traditional herbal medicine as the ‘liver lily’. Dried extract from the rhizome (root) has traditionally been used as a tonic for the liver and as a hepatic (liver) stimulant, with the aim of clearing bile ducts and restoring the flow of normal bile.

In ‘The Complete Herbal Guide: a Natural Approach to Healing the Body’ by Dr Michael and Stacey Chillemi, Blue Flag is described as a plant which ‘stimulates intestinal, liver and gallbladder function’.

They explain that Blue Flag works to correct the many problems associated with a congested liver and intestines including skin problems as well as other problems such as constipation.

Supporting your liver for natural skincare

Blue Flag is also an excellent aid for purifying the blood as it passes through the liver, which in turn can help improve the function of the spleen and the lymphatic glands, helping to clear toxins from the body.

This is why it has gained such popularity as a traditional herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of skin conditions such as getting rid of spots, mild acne or eczema, with many people also reporting that it can help to improve a dull or sallow complexion.

How can Blue Flag help with skincare?

According to traditional use, cleansing the body of toxins and bad waste products is key in natural skincare to maintain a healthy complexion. Blue flag helps to cleanse and stimulate the removal of waste products from the system, including the toxins that can contribute to bad skin.

The rhizome of the plant contains Iridin, a type of flavanoid which is known in traditional herbal medicine as a purgative for the liver, clearing congestion and purifying the blood.

It is believed to be particularly helpful in counteracting the effects of eating fatty foods or drinking alcohol or coffee. However, it should only be taken in prescribed doses in a form that uses an extract from the dried rhizome, as it would be harmful if eaten raw.

Natural herbal medicine for natural skincare

HRI Clear Complexion is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the symptomatic relief of minor skin conditions such as spots, pimples, blemishes, mild acne and mild eczema, based on traditional use.

Each tablet contains 30 mg of extract from Blue Flag Iris rhizome, which is the equivalent to 60-105 mg of Blue Flag Iris rhizome.

So if your skin is feeling a little under the weather, a licensed traditional herbal medicine containing Blue Flag could be just the remedy you need.

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