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A few words from fans of HRI Clear Complexion…

A few years ago, we had some supply issues that affected the production of HRI Clear Complexion. It was a very challenging time for us as a family firm and we worked hard to get one of our most popular products back into health food shops, chemists and supermarkets as quickly as we could.

A ‘silver lining’ that came out of an otherwise difficult period was that we received a huge number of messages from people who told us how much they value HRI Clear Complexion and how it has helped them.

These are just a few of the many comments we received:

Lisa, Port Talbot 

“My daughter who is 15 started taking HRI Clear Complexion in April.  Her skin had started breaking out quite badly in February of that year particularly on her forehead. I bought the tablets in Holland and Barrett along with Evening Primrose Oil which was recommended by a member of staff in the shop. Within a few weeks, her skin was considerably better.

“I was unsure whether this was due to the Clear Complexion or the Evening Primrose Oil so she continued to take both.  In September this year, we were unable to buy any more tablets and her skin deteriorated quite badly. We then realised that HRI Clear Complexion really does work.  

“Since being able to buy them again her skin is improving. These are amazingly good tablets. I wish they had been around when I was a teenager. Please don’t stop making them.” 


Chloe, London 

“I never had problems with my skin as a teenager then in my 20s due to stress I developed red, hot, sensitive skin with lots of spots. It dented my confidence and was very uncomfortable, even my hair brushing against my face felt sore. I already used HRI Water Balance tablets for bloating with great success so decided to try these skin tablets. After two weeks the redness and sensitivity were GONE! I was amazed. I didn’t think it was possible but it really worked and has done ever since with no nasty side effects. I honestly can’t recommend these tablets enough.” 


Elle, Dunstable

“After using these tablets for just 1 week I already saw incredible results! I can’t believe how well they work and I couldn’t live without them now. My confidence in my skin has changed dramatically and I can now feel comfortable being make-up free. Thank you so much for your amazing tablets, they’re life-changing!!” 


Adriss, Adeleide, South Australia

“My son tried HRI Clear Complexion while on Holiday in England. He could not believe how good it worked and how quickly his skin started to clear up, so we bought some back to Australia with us. Then he ran out and they were in short supply for a couple of months. But they’re back and I got my sister to send 8 boxes over to Australia which has made my teenage son very happy again.  It’s a fantastic product that really works thank you.”


Sarah, Gravesend

“I’ve been using the HRI clear complexion tablets for about 5 months and they are fantastic in keeping my skin clear, I’m 28 and suffer from cystic hormonal acne and stress-related acne. I now could not live without these tablets. They are herbal as well which is great, so completely natural. My skin stays clear while taking them! Try them if you suffer, I highly recommend! Great value!” 


Jenna, Romford

“I have always struggled with spots, mainly on my chin, nothing ever worked to get rid of them. After many trips to the doctors and face washes/creams etc I bought clear complexion tablets on the off chance they could help.  All I can say is WOW! They have honestly been the only thing to ever help my spots. In no time my spots were almost gone and no new ones were appearing like they usually would of. I take them every day and now instead of having outbreaks every few days I get the odd spot once every few months and even then it’s gone in a few days. They have changed my life and I will never be without them! :)” 


Carly, Clacton on Sea

“HRI Clear Complexion is the best herbal remedy for clear skin. I have taken this product for years and will never stop. It keeps my skin perfectly clear from acne and gives me the confidence that I look great! I would recommend this product to everyone! Thank you HRI.”  

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